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Dylan Kissel is an Audio Engineer and Filmmaker located in East Lansing, Michigan. Dylan graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Media and Information in 2020 and now is pursuing his M.A. Degree in Media and Information from Michigan State University.

Dylan is the head of production audio and the supervising sound editor for 640 Films, a visual art and independent film collective. Dylan is also the audio engineer, sound designer, and co-creator of Broken Jaw Studios, a true multi-media production and post production company, as well as a co-creator of the company's affiliates, Silver Saucer Productions and DIYphonic Sound.

In his free time, Dylan is a Teaching Assistant for the filmmaking courses at Michigan State University and works for SpartanVision, the video produciton arm of MSU Athletics.

As a filmmaker and audio engineer he has had the opportunity to work with many other hard working individuals to help create an artists true vision, while also ensuring high production values to the projects he is involved in.

Dylan works by the theory that a project's audio has a story within itself. When done properly, audio has the power to tell a story that surpasses any visual limitations.

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